Leroy Surface


Messages are listed in chronological order, old to new.  For the very

LATEST messages, begin at the bottom of the list and work upward.

COMMENTARIES are listed as LS Messages 35, 36, 37, and 38.

*Asterisks indicate messages that deal primarily with end-time prophecy.

*Message 1

The “Seventy Weeks” Prophecy

*Message 2

The Time of Trouble

*Message 3

These Last Days

*Message 4

The Great and Terrible Day of The Lord

*Message 5

Armageddon - The Bitter Fruit of Our Way

Message 6

True Grace

Message 7

Until Christ be Formed

Message 8


Message 9

The Degenerate Vine

Message 10

“sons of God”

Message 11

The Wisdom of Man VS The Life of God

Message 12

The Generation of Christ

Message 13

The Covenant of LIFE and BLESSING

Message 14


Message 15

Pulling Down Strongholds


The Beginning of Sorrows

Message 17

Faith, Trust, and Core Values

Message 18

Calves of the Stall

Message 19

The Evening Sacrifice

Message 20

The Day that shall Burn as an Oven

Message 21

This is the Covenant

Message 22

Unbelieving Believers!

Message 23

The Chief of Sinners

Message 24

According to His Purpose

Message 25

The Reality of The Cross

Message 26


Message 27

Justification, Sanctification, and Baptism with the Holy Ghost

Message 28

“The Secret Place of the Most High”

Message 29

The “Members” and the “Membership”

Message 30

“Wherefore Serveth The Law?”

Message 31

“In the Flesh”

Message 32

Hanging on Love

Message 33

O America, America

Message 34

The Day of the Locust

Message 35

Commentary on Romans, The Foundation

Message 36

Commentary on Galatians, The Yoke of Bondage

Message 37

Commentary on Ephesians, The Habitation

Message 38

Commentary on First John, The Christ

Message 39

Reserved for a future commentary.

Message 40

Reserved for a future commentary.

Message 41

I Sought For a Man

Message 42

If Ye Keep in Memory

Message 43

Goodness or Godliness?

Message 44

The Scenario

Message 45

The Scenario Revisited

Message 46

The Doctrine of Christ

Message 47

Have You Found Him?

Message 48

Carnality, Enemy of God?

Message 49

The Message of “THE CHRIST”

Message 50

Jesus is “THE CHRIST!”  Why Does it Matter?

Message 51


Message 52

Justification by Faith…An Interim Righteousness

Message 53

What is Salvation?

Message 54

Pentecost: The Fiftieth Day

Message 55

Last Day Witnesses

Message 56

The New Covenant

Message 57

The Mystery of Iniquity

Message 58

Getting the Covenant Right

Message 59

Knowing the Truth

Message 60

   The “Secret Place” in the “Day of the LORD”

Message 61

The Everlasting Kingdom of God

Message 62

Putting Away the Lie

Message 63

Righteousness That Exceeds the Law

Message 64

The Baptism With the Holy Ghost

Message 65

MIRACLES That Cannot be Denied!

Message 66

Is a Christian also a Sinner

Message 67


*Message 68

Given Over

Message 69

Choosing Jesus

*Message 70

Three Woes

Message 71

The Resurrection of the Just and the Unjust

Message 72


Message 73


Message 74


Message 75


Message 76


Message 77


Message 78


Message 79


Message 80